I have the pleasure of meeting many wonderful people through breeding Maine Coons.  Fortunately, I ran into Aubrey and his wife Elaine while they were searching and purchasing a kitten from me.  Aubrey kindly shared one of the poems that he has written.  He is allowing the poem to be shared amongst other cat lovers.  Thank you again Aubrey!  -Lynn


A Most Unusual Friend

I once had a cat that I could not see,
He was invisible to such as you and me.
But I must admit, other than that,
He was much the same as any other cat.

I called him a him, in the conventional way,
But his actual gender, I just cannot say.
He might’ve been a he, or maybe be a she,
But what he was really, is a mystery to me.

He wore a collar so I could see he was there,
And it looked very odd just suspended in air.
Whether moving around or lying down still,
That empty looking collar gave others a chill.

He liked to jump up and lie down in my lap,
Purring softly, while he took a cat nap.
Or nudging my hand with the tip of his nose,
To get himself petted, while he lay in repose.

He ate normal food and used his litter box,
And he’d make a nest in my drawer full of sox.
Yes, a regular cat and a really great pet,
But there were a few things that caused regret.

What color his eyes? Green, yellow, or blue?
And what of his fur? What pattern or hue?
How long were his whiskers? How fluffy his tail?
And that issue of gender? Male or female?

But though there were things that I didn’t know
He still knew how to put on quite a show.
Having fun with his toys or just chasing a  ball,
Seeing his collar, dashing up and down the hall.

Leaping off furniture, batting feathers in the air,
Napping in a sun beam, or just being there.
That cat was a wonder, a most special friend,
And a great gift he gave me, after his end.

It seems that one day, he simply was gone,
Nowhere to be found, he had left me alone.
And I’ve never found out just where he went,
But I did get the gift that he must have sent.

As I sat all alone, I heard a scratch on the door,
Followed by cat claws walking across the floor.
And into my lap where I’d been sadly sittin,
Leaped a small fur ball, an invisible kitten.


-Aubrey Fowler