Hi Kitten Parents!

I highly recommend using a feline supplement to aid in filling the nutritional voids that cat food has.  In the past, I mixed two high grade kitten/cat foods to get my cats at their optimum health but now I use NuVet along with one base food.  The NuVet Plus Feline Powder is what I suggest all kitten parents use to build immunity while giving the nutrients that will help Maine Coons Grow beautiful coats.


The supplements can be used throughout a cat's life to compensate for what is lacking in some raw food (like when Ken feeds the cats his chicken) or high quality foods.  I use it for all of my cats, including my pregnant and lactating queens, for the Taurine and all natural  human grade ingredients.  I have noticed a difference in energy, eye health, ruffs, coat, and overall healthier immune systems in the cats here.

NuVet is only available through authorized pet professionals.  You can order by calling NuVet at: 1-800-474-7044 using Code: 523501 or click on the buy it now button below

I wanted to share my great discovery with you. We take vitamins and minerals...so should our cats!  Enjoy your babies!!!


-Lynn Barnett

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Use Code:  523501