Maine Coons
Maine Coons are large inquisitive cats who love to be with their human family.  They get along with children and other pets while also enjoying attention.  The breed is very intelligent.  Maine Coons are often known to "fetch", hike with family members, enjoy water, and learn cat obstacles.  Most of all, they enjoy being a part of the household.  This breed is often referred to as the "gentle giants" or "dogs of the cat world."

Maine Coon Origins 

There are many stories regarding where Maine Coons originated from.  Most of the stories begin with Maine Coons coming to America as possibly a different breed from Europe on ships.  They were kept as treasured cats that were keen hunters who kept the rat population down.  One story is about a captain, Captain Charles Coon, who adored his long haired "Maine Coons" and took very good care of them.  His cats also kept him and his crew warm during travels.  The various stories often end with Maine Coons porting in Maine to be treasured and adopted by families and later breed with other cats.  If you have time to look up the background stories of Maine Coons they are very interesting and involve Vikings or

even Marie Antoinette.